Statutory accounting

Accounting evidence

We offer financial accounting services, which save you from time consuming data entry and bank reconciliations. We process all accounting documents and maintain proper accounting registers, provide electronically, easy-to-understand financial reports within maximum 10 business days from the end of the month.

Tax returns preparation (tax compliance)

We prepare and timely submit to authorities all tax related declarations (VAT returns, Corporate Income Tax return, Intrastate declaration and other tax declarations).

Financial Statements

Interim and year end sets of financial statements including balance sheet, income statement, notes to the financial statements.

IFRS Reporting

Preparation of financial statements under international financial reporting standards (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flows, Statement of Changes in Equity).

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Cash Management

Based on agreed procedures, we can perform direct bank transfers (salary payments, state budget payments, other transfers).


Based on existing customer agreements we design and issue electronic invoices for your clients on your behalf.

Management reporting

Besides the statutory, mandatory reports, upon request, we can produce regular management reports such as: budget versus actual income statement, cost centers reports, cash flow forecasts, treasury reports, external auditors’ assistance, etc.

Temporary Finance Management

For temporary periods, we offer certain consultants to work within the client’s finance department, under its direct supervision, so as to support companies to face temporary lack of personnel.

Accounting and Tax Reviews

Besides statutory accounting, we also provide accounting and tax reviews for certain financial periods, to confirm accuracy and completeness of accountancy and tax reports.

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